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Angling report – w/e 16th August 2020


A continuation of last week with the river remaining high. The fishing also mirrored last week with 19 fish reported mainly due to the lack of Anglers.

However! The river is dropping and more fish are showing all along the river and the coming week looks promising.

Only a few more weeks until the season ends, So now is the time to get fishing while we all can.

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Tight Lines.

Angling report – w/e 2nd August 2020

The river is still in flood assisted by the water from the lakes as they empty into the Moy system.
There is still fresh fish running the river and some of you were lucky enough to report catching Salmon.
A few fish were released too which seems to be a new regular occurrence. Foxford Salmon Anglers had 53 Salmon reported for the week.
The outlook for the coming days is good, the river is dropping and the forecast isn’t too bad. So Tight Lines to all.
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Angling report – w/e 26th July 2020

Another week of rain has maintained the high water yet again.

Still, reports of fish moving through the system which is great to see & hear. The catch report for the week from Foxford Salmon Anglers water is a respectable 36 fish and reports of a number of Salmon released.

It’s a bit of a mixed bag for weather this coming week. So hopefully things will settle on the river and we can look forward to another great week.

Angling report – w/e 19th July 2020

River Moy

The river is still above normal levels for this time of year. We are getting reports of fresh fish running the river every day.

Some Anglers have been lucky enough to connect into fish and with 52 Salmon reported for the week and a good number of fish released it wasn’t too bad of a week.

Mixed week of weather to come with rain maybe Wednesday.

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Angling report – w/e 12th July 2020

The run of Salmon continues and it’s great to see so many fish in the river. Not all Anglers have been successful but that’s fishing.
Foxford Salmon Anglers had 78 fish reported for the week and again we are delighted to report many fish were released.
The river remains in great condition and the fishing should continue to yield to the persistent Angler.
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Angling report – w/e 5th July 2020


Another unsettled week with heavy rain. The river has been going up and down like a yoyo! However, it hasn’t fallen very much and it maintained a constant high level.

This has fish moving and there was another great week for fishing and it is fantastic to see the fishing reports of 85 fish but many fish have also been released.

There has been an incredible run of fish going through the system. More rain is forecast for the coming week.

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Angling report – w/e 28th June 2020

An incredible week of rain which brought reports of large numbers of fish into the system. The knock on effect brought more anglers to the river.

With a large number of Anglers there was a lot more fish reported and likewise there was a lot of fish released too. This recent Angler attitude for the month of June is very encouraging for the rest of the season.

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Angling report – w/e 21st June 2020

Last weeks report finished yesterday on the longest day of the year, 21st June.

An unsettled week of weather rising the river by only a few inches but enough to freshen it up and lower the water temperature. We had 34 Salmon reported for the week on Foxford Salmon Anglers water with 3 fish released.

Heavy rain is forecast and we hope it lands way up at the source of the river as lasts weeks rain just gave us a few showers as it passed.

We are going to sort out the stile and strimming next Monday 29th JUNE 12 noon to 2pm. If anyone is available would appreciate your skills.

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Angling report – w/e 14th June 2020

The unsettled weather has had very little impact on the River Moy water levels. The river is still extremely low but the heavy showers may have just freshened it up enough to get fish moving.
Foxford Salmon Anglers had 40 Salmon reported this week biggest was 13.5lb.
The lockdown remains in place until the 29th June. As posted last week, you can travel within your own county. We’ll keep you updated.
Tight Lines

Angling report – w/e 7th June 2020

River Moy
The river refreshed for the weekend. It is still very low and it will need a lot of water to lift it. However, we had 11 Salmon reported on Foxford Salmon Anglers water.
Many accommodation providers will re-open on the 29th June which may give travelling Anglers a place to stay. You can travel within your own county or 20 kms whichever is greater. So the Country’s Road Map to opening society has changed and has been brought forward. We will advise you of any changes that occur.
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